The Provence Wine Region

Ah, Provence! The name conjures up visions of lavender, sunflowers, olive trees, and wine – white, red, and rosé!

This fascinating region sits along the Mediterranean coast of France, bordered by the Rhone River to the west and the Côte d’Azur on the east. Physically, it’s only about 150 miles long and 100 miles North to South, but its impact is profound. Provence is blessed with a fantastic climate, especially for grapes! The region gets lots of sunshine and not too much rain with warm days and cool evenings.

Wine has been made here for over 2600 years, making Provence the oldest wine-producing region of France. It is also the only place to focus on Rosé and is home to the only research institute dedicated to the style. Rocky mountain racing roads, wine, and lavender are the distinctive hallmarks of Provence.

The French Wine Project has and continues to forge relationships with family-run vineyards to bringyou the very best wines from the region.

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