Domaine La Fourmone

The history of the Estate is also that of Provence. 

Provence is the warmth that emanates from the courtyard of the Domaine; the burning stones of the bastide; the rare shade under the virgin vines; the clinking of glasses and the sound of gravel.  It is also the endless summer evenings, the first cicadas of June, the summer holidays and the hundred-year-old plane trees. Our wines are the humble witnesses of its natural essences. The balance between its heat and its humidity creates a southern olfactory hotspot that we protect. Provence is the scent of thyme, rosemary, genets and pines. It is the territory of our vines, it offers them the necessary material essential for their development: clay-limestone soil, a dry wind, a rough sun and a moderate rain whose drops pearl on the vines. Through our wines, Provence is revealed. 

Organic Farming

That of giving new life to the soil, by eliminating pesticides and weedkillers. Because we are convinced by the balance and the coherence of this farming system. Eight years … This is the time it took us to finally manage to build this organic base which will ensure the birth of organic wines at the Domaine. An agronomic challenge with all the risks that this entails: stabilization of yields, significant investments during the years of conversion; but the game is worth the candle! We will not go back, because this decision taken a long time ago will preserve our environment: water, soil, air and biodiversity. Eight years of hard work to prepare the land to welcome a new cultivation method but also to prepare people to work in a different way in the vines and in the cellar. We are proud and touched by the commitment we have encountered within our teams and in everyone’s work. Grasshoppers, ladybugs, earthworms. A biodiversity has joined our rows of vines for some time and we are happy to see it take over our vines. This desire for change stems from a need to innovate and reinvent our profession. Rediscover the pride of producing even better wines and receive the recognition that results from it. A new stage, a sign of collective and global awareness which should mark an equivalent and lasting turning point. What a joy to learn to work the soil again, with organic fertilizers, plant coverings that stimulate the life of the earth! To feel that we are helping to make our operations a healthy and preserved environment. A healthy return to basics.

Written by Domaine la Fourmone

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