Château La Croix-Davids

Château La Croix-Davids presents an excellent graphical position, as its vineyards are set on one of the highest plateaux of the appellation, in a clay and limestone soil. The vines are well exposed and enjoy exceptional sunshine. The average age of the vineyard is fifty years.

In the 18th century, the estate was a major stopping place on the route to Santiago de Compostela. After the French revolution, it was confiscated and sold to the present proprietors. Annie Birot-Meneuvrier belongs to a long lineage of winemakers who handed down an ancient savoir-faire from generation to generation. Today, her son Louis Meneuvrier carries on the tradition of the family.

Louis has selected well exposed plots of vineyards, producing beautiful healthy and low yield vines which are rich in flavour and aromas. He is very passionate about his wine making, and draws you in with his enthusiasm and creativity. The result is show in his end product. For the 2012 vintage only 10,000 bottles were made, each number marked on the label. It is small attention to detail that makes him stand out.

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