Château Grand Renard

The vineyard of Château Grand Renard took shape in the 1970s where Roland, father of Francis Joubert, had some vines on land locally.  On the same land, “Le Renard Pendu” congregated over the last century, with vineyards, pine and acacia trees, making it a paradise for fox dens. Later, Francis and his wife Bernie widened the field and built the chateau, naming it ‘Grand Renard’.

In 1987, they were both chosen to grow and make wine according to the methods of organic farming. Today, the Joubert family continues this wonderful adventure, as the eldest sone Sylvain took over in 2002.

In the vineyard, the soil is worked on over the year, with no use of herbicides. The treatments are limited to the use of copper, and sulfur in limited quantities. The nutrients provided in the vineyard are only natural (organic compost obtained from the property, planting green manure). Each year the certification AB label is issued by ECOCERT.

When producing the wines, there’s a minimum of oenological inputs in compliance with European specifications, and limitation of sulphite doses for the development and preservation of wine.

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