L&C Poitout Bienommée



L&C Poitout

The French Wine Project are delighted to offer this wine.

The Chablis de L&C POITOUT spreads on 10 hectares on the villages of Maligny (Les Châtillons, Pierrette, Les Chaumes), Villy (Vaudat, Vau Martin), Lignorelles (Conroy, Vau Prin) and Fleys (Plaine de Serre, Sous Plaine de Serre, Les Ardiats). Bach micro-growth has its own characteristics, its own age, and is micro-vinified. The BIENOMMÉE Chablis originated from a plot «Vaudat» located in Villy. It has always been a famed plot for its quality. The vineyards were planted in 1987 and 1988.

The vines are East-facing on a small stony soil which insures minerality and freshness. A static settling was done until an optimal turbidity was obtained. The alcoholic fermentation was fastly done and then the malolactic fermentation was entirely done. It was vinified and aged in thermoregulated vats in the Louis and Catherine’s Domaine in Fleys. Like all the wines of the Domaine Poitout, it has been vinified without oak in order to put under light the growth expression exclusively.

BIENOMMÉE has a dense and structured personality with an opened nose. The mirabelle, acacia honey, citronella, bergamot orange hints arouse and prepare the palate to a mineral dimension. The palate is fleshy with a dense attack with fatness, warmth and a voluptuous roundness. A Chablis introducing the typical style of the House.

This is a Chablis that matches very well oysters, crabs, crayfish and other seafoods and is also pairing local cheeses such as Chaource or Soumaintrain ...

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