Jean Charles Adam - the French wine project
Jean-Charles Adam, (or JC to those who know him), spent 30 years in the London restaurant trade before moving back to France for 5 years with his family in tow. His time in the UK saw him working for high profile restaurants like Daphne’s, La Poule au Pot and Glen Eagles in Scotland, and before he left, managing the prestigious Boundary Restaurant in Shoreditch, London, which is owned by Sir Terence Conran and Peter Prescott. He helped launch and run several new restaurants over the years, and this experience has enabled him to develop his extensive knowledge of wine. Relocating back to France gave him the opportunity to place himself in the heart of the wine region and develop his passion for seeking out exceptional French wine. Living in Southwest France, with the Châteaux of Bordeaux on his doorstep, The French Wine Project was born.

The French Wine Project is about exceptional, well produced, but also reasonably priced French wine.  It’s not all about the large producers, or the big cooperatives.  France is full of undiscovered family run vineyards, who put every ounce of love and determination into their craft.  My intention is to search the whole of France in order to discover these wines, starting with the area we lived, which is often and unjustifiably overlooked.

We are passionate about wine, we love the stuff, and JC's background of running restaurants has enabled him to develop a broad knowledge and understanding of what good wine looks and tastes like.  But it’s very easy to pick up reasonably priced, and dare we say ‘cheap’ French wine in the supermarkets, and very nice some of them are too, but choosing wine this way is all a bit ‘hit and miss’ and where do you start!  He was frustrated that he didn't know the true provenance of these wines.

The list of Châteaux in France is endless, so he decided to start in the area where we lived, and approached local producers direct in order to hunt down the very best.  It didn’t take long for him to find some exceptional wines from Chateau Des Tourtes just 10 minutes down the road. We had found our first producer, and the rest, they say, is history.

Our aim is simple, we do the legwork and the filtering, then deliver these exceptional French wines to your door and allow you to sample the hidden jewels of France.

Rae Adam - the french wine projectHis accomplice is his wife Rae. Her background is media, and in her words 'I've been on an awful lot of lunches and sampled an enormous amount of wines'... In all seriousness, she has a great palate, and has been the source behind a couple of fantastic wines we have discovered (in particular, Chateau Haut Canteloup.  She constantly turns out new dishes to try with the wine, making for a more rounded approach to what we choose.  She also helps look at things from a different angle, but the main thing is that we agree on everything that we buy, well, most of the time…..  She now has qualified experience after passing her Level 2 WSET course (wine and spirits education trust) with merit, and is focusing on sitting for Level 3.

We like to keep in touch with our customers, and if you have any queries, please use our CONTACT form, as it is easier for us to manage.