Château Croque-Michotte

In 1906, Samuel Geoffrion, the great-grandfather of the present owner-managers, acquired Château Croque- Michotte within the commune of Saint-Emilion. The family – Geoffrion-Carle-Laval-Rigal – is responsible for the cultivation of the vines, the production of the wines, and the marketing and management of Château Croque-Michotte.

Situated a few dozen and a few hundred metres from some of the most famous vineyards of Saint-Emilion (Cheval blanc, Petrus and Pomerol), Château Croque-Michotte comprises of nearly 14 hectares of vines (74% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Franc, 1% Cabernet Sauvignon) that sit on ancient sandy limestone over a clayey soil. The vines are on average 51 years old.

The vines are cultivated in a traditional style, respecting the regulations of Biological Agriculture – Certification Ecocert FR BIO 01. There is thus respect for the agricultural workers’ health, for the consumers’ health, for the richness of the environment (birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, mites, bacteria, worms, etc.) and, of course, for the vines’ growth.

The practice of a small yield and the very rare use of fertiliser enable the production of wines that are in keeping with their soil, and  benefit  from  an indispensable natural acidity for long-lasting wines. The ageing of the wines, over about twenty months, is slow; following the rhythms of the seasons and including a year in French fine-grained oak barrels mainly new.  They are not filtered and are hardly ever “collé”.

This good practice has been rewarded by twentyfour medals over fourteen years at important official French competitions, and selections in the best wine guides such as The Hachette Guide to Wine, Parker’s Guide, Bordeaux- Aujourd’hui, etc.

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