Domaine Seguela

Le Domaine Séguéla is operated by Trinidad and Jean-Pierre Séguéla, for whom wine making has been a family tradition spanning over 7 generations. Passionate about his profession and highly respectful of the “terroir” of his locality, Seguela has established the goal of raising the reputation traditionally attributed to his region of Roussillon, by producing wines of the highest standards of quality.

Like in all art forms, a successful creation is not simply explained by explicit technical criteria. It also depends on the careful negotiation of several interweaving factors, most of which requiring substantial investments in various resources both human and financial in nature, which are often bypassed by contemporary viticulture.

Their distinguishing characteristics…

At Domaine Seguela, they believe that what distinguishes them from their peers and contributed to the high quality of their products are the following factors:

1) Meticulous ploughing of the soil: All single plots are ploughed according to ancestral traditions in order to allow for adequate aeration of the soil, which serves to enhance its mineral qualities and to strengthen the rooting of the vines. This allows for a natural equilibrium to take place, avoiding either excess humidity or extreme dryness. Moreover, ploughing of the soil is performed according to natural cycles.

2) Use of organic growth procedures: They do not employ any pesticides, herbicides or other synthetic chemicals.

3) Limited yields of high concentration: The estate comprises a substantial proportion of aged vines (some over 110 years old) which have limited yields but of very high concentration.

4) Diversified range of vine quality allowing for remarkable complementarity: Their plots comprise several vine qualities such as Carignan, Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre for the red wines, as well as Chardonnay and Muscat for the production of white wines. Such a diversified range allows, through the careful and artful combining of each type’s exclusive characteristics, to produce powerful tasting wines with sustained colouring and a rich blend of aromas.

5) Vinification adapted to each vine quality and vintage:  They constantly endeavour to develop distinctive and exclusive products by using wine making procedures adapted to each vine quality and vintage (for example, by varying vinification temperatures). Paying special attention with respect to vat vinification in order to maintain the authenticity of the fruit, as well as using a fine lees ageing process which minimises tannin, contrary to current practices which exceedingly relies on wood. This procedure, is considered essential but requires greater human capital than standard practice, explains the fact that our products are recognized as offering a perfect balance between concentration and freshness.

Their goal is not to focus on mass production but rather to offer an exclusive range of products of superior quality which cater to a clientele of connoisseurs. As an example, the cuvée Jean-Julien 1999 outclassed a Rauzan-Ségla (2ème cru classé Margaux) in the context of a blind wine tasting event organised by Vino Veritas in 2001.

What the experts thinks…

“The SEGUELA family began vinifying and bottling its own produce in 1999, and one cannot help wondering why they waited this long, given the fantastic attention to detail in the vineyard and the exceptional wine making touch they have since displayed. The vines are between 30 and 100 years old, and cultivated bio dynamically on schist/gneiss soil that encourage deep rooting and low yields. The grapes produce a very pure, aromatic wine style that is backed up with the richness one can only achieve with old, low-yielding vines. There is an astonishing degree of vibrancy and balance in these wines; they offer a glimpse of the amazing potential of Roussillon”. Alex Hunt - Master of Wine

“Artisanal wines from talented wine maker SEGUELA who respect the delicate balance between tradition and innovation, while remaining true to his terroir”.  Soberwines U.S.

 “Founded in 1999 by Jean-Pierre and Trinidad SEGUELA , the Domaine brings new momentum to the wine scene. As a winery in the fifth generation of the millennium they have dared to jump to wines that set an example of character and expression . Wines that are reminiscent in their depth and minerality to the great wines of the Rhône Valley . Jean-Pierre and Trinidad SEGUELA belong to the new generation that brings high levels of quality and vision very much momentum and perspective in the wine industry in the region”.

Karl Kerler, Germany